Colin Lawler


Currently, drawing up a storm, in the hyperbolic sense, not magical, although maybe one day Colin will be able to control the weather with his pencil. Just to clarify, he also draws storms every now and then, not out-of-a-hat or anything like that, he’s just practicing illustrating clouds.

When Colin is not wielding a drawing contraption he tries to find himself wandering around in nature, gazing through the trees, into rivers, and under rocks. He tries to look under all the rocks. For this reason, his friends don’t let him go to the beach anymore. His last beach trip was two years long. 

Colin truly believes he is an air spirit trapped in a human body as he often dreams of flying. 


Joseph GRabowski


Merlin. Gandalf. Dumbledore. Joe. One of these is not like the other. Take your time. Give up? It’s Dumbledore, (SPOILERS) because he’s dead.

Joe is currently a tenured faculty member of the School of Congratulatory Studies, where he’ll be the first to tell you, “you’re doing great!”

He can typically be found pouring drinks at a little whisk(e)y bar in Portland, Oregon. He acquired his tremendous bartending prowess from a true master- Frank “Hide the Olive” Karthauser AKA Darth Riddles. 

Joe is a bit weird. He eats his PB sandwiches sans the J, and he doesn’t hate the Star Wars prequels (just Anakin). He also spends most of his time wandering around a funky, little resale shop called Rerun. He claims the store emits magical, positive vibes. It does.

Overall, Joe intends to use Spirits as a large-scale diversion as he hacks into your devices and sets all the Pokemon free.